Appreciation Marketing and Custom Greeting Cards

"Appreciation wins out over self-promotion every time."
- Kody Bateman, founder of SendOutCards

Card Catalog

Need a quick card?  We've got you covered.  The SendOutCards card catalog has over 15,000 greeting cards in categories such as Birthdays, Gratitude, Holidays, Expressions, Occasions and Special Interest.  We even have cards in French and Spanish!

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Custom Cards

Who can say it better than you can?  Our greeting cards are 100% customizable.  Add a photo or two and use your own words to send your message.  Use our fonts or your own handwriting font in a myriad of colors.  We even have premade templates and clipart to help you get started!

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First Impressions Kit

How often in business do you need to say "Thank you!", "Nice to Meet You", or "Celebrating New Possibilities"?  What if you could share these sentiments within minutes of leaving a meeting.   These upgraded cards are available in Satin Black and Pearl White.

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What's better than a custom greeting card?  Top it off with a gift or two!  The SendOutCards gift catalog include gourmet foods, keepsakes, inspirational items and even gift cards.  Take the opportunity to make someone's day - right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Why SendOutCards?

In less than 60 seconds, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your heartfelt, inspirational, or cheerful message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to any postal address anywhere in the world, all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store. Our gift selection is icing on the cake to this great service and allows you to go the extra mile to bring about another smile.


With our Contact Manager you can store all of your addresses in one place. Card Campaigns allow you to send the same card to as many people as you want—perfect for announcements, invitations and holidays.



Use our Custom Brand Manager to brand all of your cards with your personal/business brand.

Your Brand – Your Purpose – Your Choice



Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions in our easy-to-use contact management system. We keep your addresses securely stored, and even send you reminders when it’s time to send a card.


Save Money

We print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting cards to any address in the world (all for less than the average price of a greeting card at the store). Plus, our gift allows you to go the extra mile and add a thoughtful touch.

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